Ash Cash 1-on-1 Financial Coaching (One-time)

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Are you facing any of the following challenges?

  • I would like to start saving, investing, and/or paying down debt, but I don’t know which goal to pursue first.
  • I think I should be able to put money aside with my current salary, but months/years have gone by and I don’t have anything to show for it.
  • I’ve tried budgeting, but large, one-time expenses make it feel impossible.
  • I feel disorganized with my finances. I’m not sure where my money is going or what I should be doing with it.
  • I have a salary plus a side hustle, and I don’t know how to structure my budget and bank accounts to handle both income sources.
  • I just started a new position and I want to set my finances up properly.

Through my career in banking, live seminars, radio, podcasts and television interviews, my daily finance show, and previous coaching clients, I’ve supported individuals and families experiencing every one of these challenges – and gone through most of them myself! Answers to your questions and solutions for your challenges are available, and I can help you find them through one-on-one financial coaching.

Your goals, preferences, and unique circumstances will be front and center in our coaching relationship.

If you’re looking for guidance in where to go next with your finances, I will introduce you to the 12-step framework I developed, and you and I together will determine which step of the framework you are currently on, where to go next, and how to get there.

I can also help you work through other questions you are facing, like evaluating salary offers, setting up a budget (including one that accounts for large, irregular expenses), and determining your eligibility for certain tax benefits.

Some of the financial challenges you are experiencing are unique to YOU, and you need support that is tailored for YOU

I charge $250 for an initial 55-minute appointment and $99 for subsequent 25-minute follow-up appointments.

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